Back to How It Was

MODEL / Hannah G

In Hannah G’s inaugural shoot, she and Jason Lee explored a captivating old dairy barn, lush meadows, and enchanting waterfalls. Serendipitously, they found a hidden hot spring, adding to the magic of the day. Little did they know then, this shoot marked a transformative milestone for Hannah, igniting a creative partnership that would flourish over time.

This was Hannah’s first shoot. We found amazing locations and as you probably know, I LOVE waterfalls! Over time, Hannah has become a muse with whom I have had the pleasure of working with on many occasions. What a great start to our friendship.

Jason Lee

You Are Golden


Navigating the Boise River, Briahna and Jason Lee venture to capture breathtaking body paint shots. Post-shoot, Briahna reflects on the experience, expressing gratitude for the fun-filled endeavor. Their collaborative effort yields stunning images, a testament to their shared creativity and adventurous spirit.

Here are her thoughts, post-shoot:

“Thank you. It was super fun. Took Forever to wash the paint out of my hair, but it was worth it!”


Grow Where You Are


Nicole and Jason Lee embarked on an adventure to the Camas Prairie Nature Preserve, aiming to capture the famed purple flowers as a backdrop. Despite being too late for the blooms, they improvised, embracing the windy conditions and utilizing the swaying grasses for a captivating body paint shoot, resulting in stunning imagery amidst nature’s embrace.

I think Nicole makes a great looking super hero. She is definitely out here saving the day!

Jason Lee

Sing This to Me Slow


Exploring creative avenues with Ally, Jason Lee delves into experimental body paint for their shoot, one of her preferred ideas. Utilizing a “paint pour” technique with metallic and white biodegradable paints and glycerin, they craft visually stunning compositions. Jason finds joy in outdoor body painting, where art meets nature, leaving behind ephemeral masterpieces captured only in final photos, a testament to the beauty of temporary artistry.

When discussing options for our shoot with Ally, she said that the ideas that stood out to her most were experimental body paint and hot springs. In this post, I’ll share the body paint section. It turned out really cool! I did a “paint pour” style What do you think?

Jason Lee

Rise Above It

MODEL / Katerina Kat

Katerina’s journey is as captivating as her spirit. From nude hikes with family and friends in Eastern Europe’s mountains to traveling the globe as a circus performer, her life is a tapestry of adventure. Despite a setback, transitioning from trapeze artist to dancer and nude model showcases her resilience and passion for self-expression. Amidst the tranquil beauty of Louisiana’s Tunica Hills trail, we embarked on a creative odyssey, capturing Katerina’s acrobatic grace amidst nature’s splendor. As she dips into the water features, her innate talent shines through, weaving a story of strength, beauty, and the boundless possibilities of the human spirit.

Katerina is a fascinating lady. She was featured in a well known magazine that provided her a multi-year contract, but she shared that of all the photos made of her, the ones we made together were her favorites. Her skills as an acrobatic performer clearly come through in these captured treasures.

Jason Lee

Tell Me Tomorrow has Come

MODEL / Miranda

In a captivating exploration of emotion and form, Jason Lee captures Miranda’s nude figure adorned solely in transparent fabrics. Against a simple white studio backdrop, the interplay of fabric and skin becomes a canvas for Miranda’s expressive range. Each fold and drape of the fabric adds depth and dimension to the composition, enhancing the evocative nature of the images. Through Jason’s lens, Miranda’s vulnerability and strength converge, creating a poignant visual narrative that transcends and unites.

In Miranda’s hands, fabrics can change the whole atmosphere.

Jason Lee

With Golden Skin


In a mesmerizing blend of artistry and nature, Jason Lee captures Lindsey adorned in full gold body paint, traversing the snow-covered landscape. Against the backdrop of the transitioning seasons, the remnants of winter melt away, symbolizing the emergence of spring’s renewal. As Lindsey embodies the essence of a golden beauty, reminiscent of the iconic imagery from a James Bond film, Jason’s lens immortalizes the ethereal beauty of the moment. With each step, Lindsey illuminates the snowy terrain, transforming it into a gilded canvas of timeless allure and cinematic splendor.

The Golden Girl walks through the snow. Check out the feature video we made, after the photos below.

Jason Lee

Prints available.

Back to How It Was


In the transient beauty of Boise’s evolving landscape, Jason Lee captures the timeless allure of Miranda amidst a striking array of giant boulders. Uncovering hidden gems nestled beside a bustling main road, Jason seizes the opportunity to immortalize this fleeting scene before progress transforms it forever. Miranda’s presence amidst the rugged rocks lends a sense of ethereal grace to the images, emphasizing the juxtaposition between nature’s enduring splendor and the fleeting nature of human intervention. Through Jason’s lens, the impermanence of the moment is preserved, inviting viewers to cherish the beauty of the present before it fades into memory.

I’m always on the lookout for a great location. This pile of giant boulders was hiding in plain sight and a few weeks later, these beautiful rocks were gone, turned into landscape features. Here today, gone tomorrow, so shoot it today!

Jason Lee

Do you have a location you want to share? Contact us!

Pair of Wings


In a picturesque apricot orchard for their second shoot together, captured by Jason Lee’s lens, Alex shines amidst the gnarled trees and brisk winds. Their perfection harmonizes with the rustic beauty of the setting, creating a captivating tableau. The organic charm of the orchard serves as a sublime backdrop, enhancing Alex’s natural allure. With each shot, Jason Lee immortalizes a moment of serene beauty, where model and environment converge in perfect harmony.

Alex exudes dramatic flair. She has a piercing beauty that stops you from looking away. It was fun to work with her!

Jason Lee

Freedom of My Song


Chels, introduced to Jason Lee through a mutual connection, embraced her debut modeling experience with unwavering enthusiasm. Her reverence for her Creator radiates through Jason’s lens, capturing her timeless beauty amidst the serene backdrop of an abandoned woodland church. The profound atmosphere stirred contemplation on divine goodness and the metaphor of returning to Eden through Jesus. The rustic charm of the 1800s church, nestled in nature’s embrace, provided a sacred setting for introspection and awe.

Chels’ love of her Creator is evident in these photos. She reminds me of a beautiful Greek statue: classical beauty at an old abandoned church in the woods. It was such a worshipful atmosphere.

Jason Lee

The idea of Jesus leading us back to the garden is such a compelling one. I feel a bit shaken up. I’ve been thinking over and over ‘and the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations.’


Let it Go and Come to Life


In a serene collaboration, model Miranda and photographer Jason Lee invite you to wander along a snowy lane in a nearby national forest. Embrace the tranquility of the surroundings as you listen to the hushed whispers of the trees and the gentle rush of the nearby river. Through Jason’s lens, Miranda’s presence amidst the winter landscape embodies a sense of serenity and connection to nature. Join them on this enchanting journey where the beauty of the outdoors meets the grace of the human form.

Do you hear the river rushing by?

Jason Lee

Hope is the Anthem


Jason Lee showcases the captivating allure of an abandoned sharecropper cabin in his shoot with the multi-talented Miranda Forcier. Miranda, known for her skills in acting, modeling, and fitness coaching, brings a dynamic energy to the rustic setting. Against the backdrop of the weathered structure, Jason skillfully captures Miranda’s essence, highlighting her versatility and strength. The juxtaposition of Miranda’s vibrant presence against the backdrop of the aged cabin creates a visually striking narrative, showcasing the beauty found in both decay and resilience.

Aren’t abandoned buildings the coolest thing? I love finding relics like this. As long as we’re careful and respectful, we can get amazing shots in these locales.

Jason Lee

Be Found

MODEL / Caitlin

Model and Boise Influencer Caitlin Henning praises Jason Lee’s down-to-earth nature and passion for photography in their photographic collaboration. Despite spending ample time chatting before finding a shooting location, Caitlin admires Jason’s dedication to his craft and family. Hailing from Louisiana like Caitlin adds an extra layer of connection. Caitlin appreciates Jason’s ability to transform a simple concept into stunning fine art photography, resulting in captivating images captured during their shoot in the park.

Jason was super down to earth, and easy to talk with. I feel like we chatted for about 30 minutes before we even found a place to shoot. He is a family man and has a true passion for photography. (He is also from Louisiana, and those of you who know me, know that this is a plus. Who Dat? His photography is beautiful fine art. We collaborated on an idea; one dress and a few spots in the park later…he captured rad images!

Caitlin Henning

Why Swimming Suit-free is Best

Excerpts from “Why You Should Never, Ever [Wear] A Wet Bathing Suit: Your body will thank you.”
Updated Aug 11, 2016
by Carla Herreria

In Carla Herreria’s cautionary piece, she underscores the health risks of wearing wet bathing suits, ultimately suggesting that foregoing swimwear altogether may be the best course of action. Expert insights from Alyssa Dweck highlight the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and the potential for yeast infections in women due to the warm, moist environment of wet swimsuits. The article serves as a persuasive argument for embracing nudity, promoting the idea that allowing the body to breathe freely can mitigate the discomfort and health concerns associated with wearing swimwear. Let’s dive in!

Lounging in wet swimwear isn’t as glamorous as the Kardashians make it out to be. Wet swimsuits can cause problems ranging from yeast infections to UTIs.

“Yeast and bacteria really thrive in moist, dark places, like a wet bathing suit or wet workout clothes,” says Alyssa Dweck, an assistant clinical professor and OB/GYN at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Women with weakened immune systems, such as those who have diabetes or who take certain medications are more likely to be affected, but it’s good advice for anyone. So, here’s a much-needed wake up call to motivate you. Below are a few reasons to never, ever [wear] a wet swimsuit:

1. It’s the perfect combo for bacteria.
Let’s face it: The inside of a wet swimsuit is both warm and moist, so it’s basically a breeding ground for bacteria.

When in the water, swimsuit material tends to absorb the various chemicals and bacteria that exist in pools or the ocean. Your private parts are cradled inside of your suit, along with all of those gross substances. This can throw off the balance of healthy bacteria in the vagina or introduce harmful bacteria into the urethra, leading to a number of maladies, including vaginitis and urinary tract infections.

2. It can lead to yeast infections.
Since yeast thrives in warm and wet environments, wet bathing suit bottoms can cause yeast infections in women, especially those who suffer from recurring yeast infections.  The bacteria that festers in wet bathing suits can cause an overgrowth of yeast cells in the vagina or vulva, according to University Hospitals. This can lead to some pretty uncomfortable symptoms, including burning, soreness and clumpy discharge.

3. It may result in an itchy rash.
You’ve heard of athlete’s foot, right? Well, sitting in a wet swimsuit can cause a very similar infection around your genitals known as “jock itch.”

If you’re wearing a wet suit and happen to come in contact with a type of mold-like fungi known as dermatophytes, it can spread to the skin of your genitals, inner thighs and butt, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Mayo Clinic. This growth leads to red, itchy rashes that may grow in the shape of a ring.

“It’s very similar to a yeast infection in the vagina because they’re both caused by fungus, although it is a slightly different strain of fungus,” Dweck said.

Even if there is no fungal infection involved, people with sensitive skin may experience skin irritation from wearing wet material. “Some women just get irritation from constant moisture,” Dweck said.

Now that the ugly facts are out there, it’s time to take charge. Your body will thank you for it.

The Best Exercises to Look Great Naked

Being strong and healthy is nice and important, but the reason a lot of us exercise is to look good. These aesthetically-focused exercises won’t make you hot overnight, but in combination with a healthy diet, they’ll give you the best bang for your workout buck so you look good dressed up—or undressed.

The exercises we’ll highlight are different for men and women. For men, we’ll broaden the upper body and develop defined leg muscle. For women, we’ll focus on tightening up arms and building a firmer, tighter booty. Still, not every body type can be (or needs to be) a statue of a Greek god or goddess. If that’s not you, you can still look great naked. These exercises will still help you get healthy and strong no matter who you are.
Click here for more.

Keeping My Eyes

MODEL / Svetlana

In the lazy days of summer, model Svetlana and photographer Jason Lee embrace the simple joys of life. From refreshing swims at the lake to leisurely hikes down winding paths, they revel in the beauty of nature’s tranquility. Seeking respite from the summer heat, they find solace in cool spots beneath the shade of trees, basking in the gentle breeze. Against the backdrop of idyllic summer scenes, Svetlana’s presence radiates with a sense of serenity and contentment, captured beautifully by Jason’s lens. Through their collaboration, they celebrate the essence of summer, capturing moments of bliss and relaxation amidst the natural splendor of the outdoors.

Summer is a time for swims at the lake, hikes down the path and finding a cool spot in the shade.

Jason Lee
artistic nude with snow

The Stars are Falling Out

MODEL / Stephanie

In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, model Stephanie and photographer Jason Lee embark on a thrilling adventure amidst towering sandstone formations. Against the backdrop of rugged beauty, they climb and explore, feeling the wind on their skin and the exhilaration in their hearts. Amidst the majestic landscape, Stephanie’s presence radiates with a sense of freedom and vitality, captured masterfully by Jason’s lens. Through their collaboration, they immerse themselves in the untamed wilderness, capturing moments of awe and wonder amidst nature’s grandeur. In the embrace of the Rocky Mountains, Stephanie and Jason find inspiration and renewal, creating images that capture the spirit of adventure and the beauty of the great outdoors.

We felt the wind on our skin and hair and exhilaration in our hearts.

Jason Lee


I’ll Carry a Cross and a Song

MODEL / Becky

In the steamy jungles of Louisiana, model Becky and photographer Jason Lee embark on an adventurous shoot. Despite the sweltering heat, they embrace the lush surroundings, capturing moments of raw beauty amidst the tropical foliage. Against the backdrop of dense greenery and vibrant flora, Becky’s presence radiates with an exotic allure, highlighted by Jason’s skilled lens. Through their collaboration, they navigate the challenges of the humid climate, transforming adversity into opportunity as they create a series of captivating images that capture the essence of the Louisiana jungle.

Set Sight and Set Sail

MODEL / Madelene

In a determined collaboration, model Madelene braves the rain alongside photographer Jason Lee during her debut shoot. Undeterred by the weather, they press on, capturing moments of raw beauty amidst the raindrops. For Madelene, this shoot holds special significance as her first venture into modeling, and her determination shines through. Despite the challenges, they persevere, embracing the elements to create captivating images. Through their partnership, they turn an unexpected turn of events into a memorable experience, showcasing Madelene’s resilience and passion for the art of photography.

It started raining while we were shooting. We didn’t stop.

Jason Lee

I See Everything Clear


In a vibrant collaboration, model Kylie brings boundless enthusiasm to a body paint shoot with photographer Jason Lee. Embracing the playful spirit of the occasion, Kylie infused the session with energy and excitement. Joined by two equally spirited friends, the shoot transforms into a lively celebration of friendship and creativity. Jason captures the essence of each individual, both in solo shots and group compositions, highlighting the unique personalities that make the trio shine. Through his lens, Jason immortalizes the joy and camaraderie shared among Kylie and her friends, turning a simple shoot into an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and spontaneity.

Body paint is so fun – especially when you have an enthusiastic model like Kylie! Kylie is the kind of ringleader I love. She brought two fun friends with her, Rachel and Brooke, and we had a blast shooting them individually and then as a group.

Jason Lee