Open My Eyes

MODEL / Aeir

In a nostalgic reflection, photographer Jason Lee recalls a forest shoot from years past with model Aeir, likening her ethereal beauty to that of a mermaid. Despite the passage of time, the memory remains vivid, highlighting the timeless allure of their collaboration. Despite the sultry August heat, they ventured into the forest, where Aeir’s captivating presence transformed the woodland surroundings into an enchanting backdrop. Through Jason’s reminiscence, we glimpse a moment of shared creativity and timeless beauty captured amidst the trees.

Sometimes mermaids live in the forest. It seems like yesterday, but this shoot was quite a few years ago now. Aeir has timeless beauty!

Jason Lee

I’ll Carry a Cross and a Song

MODEL / Becky

In the steamy jungles of Louisiana, model Becky and photographer Jason Lee embark on an adventurous shoot. Despite the sweltering heat, they embrace the lush surroundings, capturing moments of raw beauty amidst the tropical foliage. Against the backdrop of dense greenery and vibrant flora, Becky’s presence radiates with an exotic allure, highlighted by Jason’s skilled lens. Through their collaboration, they navigate the challenges of the humid climate, transforming adversity into opportunity as they create a series of captivating images that capture the essence of the Louisiana jungle.