When Dreamers Awake

MODEL / Jasmine

Amidst the serenity of an Idaho summer morning, Jasmine and Jason Lee embarked on an adventure into the depths of an abandoned train tunnel. Immersed in the cool shadows of forgotten history, they explored the eerie yet captivating atmosphere together, capturing moments of mystery and wonder amidst the echoes of the past.

Supposedly, railroad tracks are cliche’ when it comes to photography, but railroad tunnels? That’s next level! 🙂

Jason Lee

Leave the Past Behind

MODEL / Anonymous


In a captivating fusion of body paint and abandoned spaces, Jason Lee captures the essence of anonymous beauty. Against the backdrop of forgotten landscapes, the human form becomes a canvas, adorned with vibrant hues that contrast with the desolation surrounding it. The result? A breathtaking visual narrative that leaves viewers in awe of the stunning juxtaposition between the ethereal and the forgotten.

I’m floored for two reasons. 1. I got to shoot with this amazing human. 2. This space we were shooting in was torn down and is no more.

Jason Lee

Back to How It Was


In the transient beauty of Boise’s evolving landscape, Jason Lee captures the timeless allure of Miranda amidst a striking array of giant boulders. Uncovering hidden gems nestled beside a bustling main road, Jason seizes the opportunity to immortalize this fleeting scene before progress transforms it forever. Miranda’s presence amidst the rugged rocks lends a sense of ethereal grace to the images, emphasizing the juxtaposition between nature’s enduring splendor and the fleeting nature of human intervention. Through Jason’s lens, the impermanence of the moment is preserved, inviting viewers to cherish the beauty of the present before it fades into memory.

I’m always on the lookout for a great location. This pile of giant boulders was hiding in plain sight and a few weeks later, these beautiful rocks were gone, turned into landscape features. Here today, gone tomorrow, so shoot it today!

Jason Lee

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Freedom of My Song


Chels, introduced to Jason Lee through a mutual connection, embraced her debut modeling experience with unwavering enthusiasm. Her reverence for her Creator radiates through Jason’s lens, capturing her timeless beauty amidst the serene backdrop of an abandoned woodland church. The profound atmosphere stirred contemplation on divine goodness and the metaphor of returning to Eden through Jesus. The rustic charm of the 1800s church, nestled in nature’s embrace, provided a sacred setting for introspection and awe.

Chels’ love of her Creator is evident in these photos. She reminds me of a beautiful Greek statue: classical beauty at an old abandoned church in the woods. It was such a worshipful atmosphere.

Jason Lee

The idea of Jesus leading us back to the garden is such a compelling one. I feel a bit shaken up. I’ve been thinking over and over ‘and the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations.’


Though It May

MODEL / Angel

In a thrilling collaboration, model Angel joins photographer Jason Lee for a shoot at an abandoned industrial complex, fulfilling a long-held desire. Embracing the gritty backdrop of fluorescent tagging, they opt for a wild body paint theme to complement the surroundings. With enthusiasm and creativity, Angel fully immerses herself in the concept, embodying the untamed spirit of their vision. Jason’s lens captures the raw energy and edgy aesthetic of the shoot, highlighting the fusion of urban decay and vibrant expression. Through their partnership, they transform the industrial landscape into a canvas of artistry, creating striking imagery that captivates and intrigues.

This is an old dock that’s barely visible from the Mississippi River Bridge when driving through Baton Rouge. It was an amazing location for a photoshoot.

Jason Lee
artistic black and white portrait by Jason Lee

Everything You Dreamed


At the end of Jason Lee’s photography session with model Jessi, the photoshoot took on a mesmerizing dimension against the backdrop of an old plantation slave church, adorned with hand-painted faux stained glass windows. These unique windows provided an enchanting and unconventional setting, adding depth and intrigue to Jessi’s nude portraits. Lee’s skillful capture of Jessi against this fascinating backdrop lends a timeless and ethereal quality to the photographs, elevating the artistic essence of the shoot.

You could see the 200 year old brush strokes in the painted windows. There was such a peaceful calm in the building where people have wondered and worshipped for so many years.

Jason Lee

More than this World


Amidst the eerie stillness of an abandoned trailer, Jason Lee finds inspiration in the juxtaposition of desolation and beauty. With Lellen as his muse, they embark on a journey to create art amidst the haunting surroundings. Against the backdrop of cracked walls and peeling paint, Lellen’s radiant presence adds a touch of ethereal beauty to the scene. Together, they weave a narrative that transcends the decrepit confines of the trailer, transforming it into a canvas for their creativity. Through Jason’s lens, the eerie yet captivating atmosphere of their collaboration is immortalized, a testament to the power of art to find beauty in the most unexpected places.

Creepy abandoned trailer? Check.
Beautiful model? Check.
Time to make some art!

Jason Lee
artistic nude photo by Jason Lee

Living is the Best Defense


In the quest for artistic nude expression, Jason Lee and Megan venture into the depths of the woods, discovering the remnants of an old farm. Amidst the overgrown foliage, they stumble upon outbuildings, industrial relics, and even a quaint red wagon. Against this backdrop of forgotten history, Megan’s presence radiates with a raw, uninhibited beauty, juxtaposed against the rustic decay of their surroundings. With each frame, Lee captures not just the essence of Megan’s form, but the haunting allure of the abandoned landscape they traverse together.

Exploring with Megan was so fun. We only got through half of our adventure before we ran out of time, so another shoot was in order!

Jason Lee