Freedom of My Song


Chels, introduced to Jason Lee through a mutual connection, embraced her debut modeling experience with unwavering enthusiasm. Her reverence for her Creator radiates through Jason’s lens, capturing her timeless beauty amidst the serene backdrop of an abandoned woodland church. The profound atmosphere stirred contemplation on divine goodness and the metaphor of returning to Eden through Jesus. The rustic charm of the 1800s church, nestled in nature’s embrace, provided a sacred setting for introspection and awe.

Chels’ love of her Creator is evident in these photos. She reminds me of a beautiful Greek statue: classical beauty at an old abandoned church in the woods. It was such a worshipful atmosphere.

Jason Lee

The idea of Jesus leading us back to the garden is such a compelling one. I feel a bit shaken up. I’ve been thinking over and over ‘and the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations.’


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