Workshop Terms and Conditions

0. Terms and Conditions of tuition bookings

0.1 These terms and conditions apply to all participants of courses, workshops and photographic tours (herein: “workshop”), regardless of payment amount.
0.2 The terms and conditions below form part of the contract between us (“our”, “Genesis Modeling & Photography,” “we”) and you (“participant,” “customer,” “you”) and are the basis on which any disagreement will be considered.
0.3 Workshops are intended to be a fun, interactive and enjoyable experience, and these terms and conditions are set out to ensure all parties are aware of their responsibilities, allowing everyone to focus on travel and learning.
0.4 By booking a workshop with us, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the terms and conditions set about below.

1. Customer Responsibilities

1.1 By booking onto a workshop, participants are confirming that they have read the associated workshop description, content, prerequisites and physical requirements and meet all of these as set out on the booking page.

2. Insurance & Documentation

2.1 It is your responsibility to ensure you have all necessary travel documents, visas, permits and full insurance (for both equipment as well as medical/travel issues) before the start of the workshop itself.
2.2 Proof of insurance will be required from all customers prior to the start of the workshop.

3. Description of Services

3.1 Our workshops are intended to be an interactive experience where participants are provided with locations, advice and training by professional photographers with the intention of improving your photographic abilities.
3.2  Workshops are provided in various formats including day-tours as well as longer periods of residential/travel-based training as explained in the relevant workshop description.
3.3  Our intention is to improve your level of photography or modeling during the workshop and for this reason, participants will be provided with a simple questionnaire to be returned prior to the start of the workshop in order to ensure your learning objectives are best met.

4. Fitness and Suitability

4.1 Workshops are designed with a specific level of physical fitness in mind.
4.2 All workshops are constructed to be suitable for participants with a good level of physical fitness, who will be able to spend an average of 4-5 hours per day walking and standing during photographic opportunities.
4.3 Where specific strenuous activity is expected (such as steep hikes), these will be highlighted in the workshop description.
4.4 Where a participant is unable to, or chooses not to, continue with any physical part of the workshop, steps will be taken to provide them with a safe environment while the workshop continues for that element.
4.5 By booking a workshop you are confirming that you are over the age of 18 and legally responsible for your own actions.
4.6 No refund will be given for any unused part of the tour which continues without you through your choice, or for medical or fitness reasons.

5. Medical

5.1 Participants must be in good health before the beginning of any workshop.
5.2 Prior to making a booking, participants are required to inform us of any relevant medical conditions that could have any impact on their ability to participate fully and/or could present a risk to anyone’s safety for the duration of the workshop.
5.3 We are not able to guarantee control of the environments we operate our workshops in, therefore if you have any life-threatening conditions or allergies, it is recommended that you do not book a workshop.
5.4 You, as a workshop participant, understand that we are not medical personnel and have no expertise as medical doctors for the purposes of treatment and emergency care.
5.5 A first aid kit for basic/minor injuries is carried by all workshop leaders at all times, as well as in overnight accommodation, and will be used to provide immediate treatment where appropriate until trained medical personnel can be in attendance.
5.6 You are responsible for ensuring you have brought any prescribed medications or medical devices to the workshop location and are able to self-administer such items.
5.7 Prior to booking, we suggest contacting your physician or doctor if you have any concerns about your ability to attend.

6. Group Size

6.1 Within each workshop description, you will find the maximum group size listed prior to booking.
6.2 The maximum group size is the largest number of participants that will be accommodated on the workshop to learn together.
6.3 The number of tutors/leaders will also be described within the workshop details page online, but we reserve the right to alter this in exceptional circumstances.
6.4  Spouses, friends, significant others and non-photographers can only attend as registered participants of this workshop, and are required to pay full tuition, though we do offer a $50 discount if you bring a second person.

7. Fees and Payments

7.1 All bookings are made with two elements:
7.1.1 A non-refundable “deposit” / booking fee
7.1.2 Payment for the remaining balance of the total workshop price.
7.2 Your place is secured once you have made a deposit payment online and received your order confirmation (usually within 48 hours of booking).
7.3 The balance payment can be made at any time, including as one full payment at the time of booking, but must be made at least 1 week prior to the start date of the workshop.
7.4 Failure to make the balance payment prior to 1 week before the workshop start date will forfeit your booking and you will lose your deposit amount that has already been paid.
7.5 Name changes can be made to your booking up to 5 days prior to the start date for a fee of $100 per booking, per change. Name changes made within 5 days of the workshop start date will be subject to a $150 change fee.
7.6 If requested, at our discretion, we may allow you to change your booking to another workshop as long as there is availability and subject to a $200 change fee which must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to the start date of the workshop.

8. Cancellation

8.1 Cancellations by you:
8.1.1 We understand that, from time to time, issues outside of your control can mean a change of plan. Due to the complex nature of booking workshops, accommodation and transport, we will provide reasonable reimbursement of any monies paid based on the date you inform us of your request to cancel:   > 5 weeks before the workshop start date = Loss of deposit amount only   4 – 5 weeks before the workshop start date = Refund of 50% of full payment amount   2 – 3 weeks before the workshop start date = Refund of 25% of full payment amount   < 2 weeks before the workshop start date = Loss of full payment amount
8.1.2 If you believe you may need to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible as it is easier to look at options earlier rather than later. In all cases of cancellation, a workshop booking can be transferred to another person subject to the appropriate change fee being paid.
8.2 Cancellations by us:
8.2.1 We reserve the right to cancel any workshop prior to the start date due to low customer bookings or personal injury/illness of the tutor or members of the leadership group.
8.2.2 In the event of cancellation by us, the following options will be presented to you as our customer:  Full refund of any fees paid back to you.  Transfer of workshop to an available equivalent workshop in the future. Transfer of workshop value towards an alternative workshop in the future.
8.2.3 No fees will be charged on any of the above scenarios.
8.2.4 We reserve the right to cancel any workshop for any reason, and will provide the earliest possible indication if and when this may occur. Once cancelled, any refund provided (or value transferred to an alternative future workshop) is the limit of our liability to you as a customer.
8.2.5 We are not responsible for any expenses, consequential losses or damages which may occur due to cancellation by us.

9. Itinerary Changes

9.1 The itinerary featured within the workshop details page should be read as an intention of route, rather than a contractual obligation to visit each location.
9.2 It may be necessary, from time to time, to make amendments to the intended itinerary due to weather, transportation issues or other factors which can occur with little or no notice.
9.3 We reserve the right to change the itinerary of the workshop prior to, as well as during, the workshop itself at our own discretion.
9.4 Where we believe the continuation of the workshop is dangerous or may put people at risk, we reserve the right to offer alternative activities such as photographic editing instruction.

10. Transportation

10.1 You are responsible for the costs associated with arriving at the initial meeting point as described on your booking acknowledgement communication.
10.2 From the initial meeting point, until the final drop-off point of the itinerary, we are responsible for all transportation associated with the workshop.
10.3 Transportation will be provided in the form of modern, air conditioned, vehicles with sufficient space for each participant to bring 1 carry-on bag with them for the duration of the workshop.
10.4 A member of the tutor/leadership group will be responsible for all driving activities throughout the workshop.
10.5 Failure to arrive on-time at the agreed initial meeting point will result in the workshop continuing without you – no refund will be given in this circumstance. For this reason, we recommend ensuring your travel arrangements have sufficient time to allow for delays and interruptions prior to arrival.
10.6 It may be possible to intercept the workshop at a later point in the itinerary, but this will be performed at our discretion, following a discussion with you when and where possible.
10.7 On completion of the workshop itinerary, you may leave the location using your own transportation, or continue on with further accommodation/travel at your own expense.

11. Accommodation

11.1 Where included in the workshop details page, appropriate accommodation will be provided by us, subject to the accommodation service provider’s own terms and conditions.
11.2 By utilising the accommodation booked by us, you agree to abide by and accept the service provider’s terms and conditions independently of your contract with us.
11.3 All accommodation (where provided) will be of a suitable and safe standard, with clean living areas and onsite facilities.
11.4 Workshop pricing where accommodation is included is based on two participants sharing a twin (2-bed) room. If you would prefer to stay in a room as a sole occupant (single occupancy), a supplement will be calculated on request and an extra charge will be made. This extra charge will be subject to the cancellation policy in section 8.

12. Meals, Drinks and personal items

12.1 Unless specified, meals, drinks and items of a personal nature are not included within the cost of the workshop.
12.2 We will provide restaurant suggestions and options throughout the workshop, as well as transportation (if necessary) to a location suitable for the group.
12.3 All participants are responsible for ensuring they can eat within their dietary requirements throughout the workshop.
12.4 Drinking water and a sample of energy snacks will be provided throughout the workshop for the purposes of staying hydrated and fuelled when on long shoots, but should not be relied upon as a source of sustenance.

13. Equipment and belongings

13.1 Detailed within the workshop description and FAQ’s, you will find a list of required, recommended and suggested equipment.
13.2 You are responsible for making sure you have all required equipment and that it is suitably insured at all times.
13.3 We do not take any responsibility for items lost, damaged or stolen during the workshop and it is essential that you take care of your belongings as well as have suitable insurance for all scenarios.
13.4 Failure to bring working camera equipment (as listed under “required”) will mean you are not able to take part in the practical elements of the workshop. In such cases, we will attempt to provide non-practical experience that is relevant to you and/or assist you in finding an alternative hire/rental solution at your cost.

14. Insurance

14.1 It is a condition of booking a workshop that you will hold the appropriate level of travel insurance (including trip cancellation, delay and baggage loss), medical insurance and personal property insurance for the duration of your time with us.
14.2 Where a participant is not suitably insured, we reserve the right to refuse attendance with no refund.
14.3 We accept no liability for loss or damage to photographic equipment or personal belongings while attending our workshop.

15. Weather and Force Majeure

15.1 From time to time, severe weather and issues outside of our control may have an effect on our ability to perform the workshop as described when you make your booking. In such cases, we will take reasonable steps to find alternative arrangements which will continue to offer photographic learning, but this cannot be guaranteed.
15.2 We are not liable for any damages, losses or expenses arising from whatever cause including those resulting from acts of God, terrorism, detention, weather, strikes, civil disturbance, criminal activity, government interference or any other situation outside of our reasonable control.

16. Privacy

16.1 Your privacy and the protection of your data is important to us.
16.2 In order to confirm your booking and provide you with appropriate services during your chosen workshop, we require to collect certain personal information as listed on your booking acknowledgement email.
16.3 You agree to us sharing any personal information which is necessary to confirm our arrangements (in the case of accommodation and transport) to our selected providers and third parties.
16.4 All information provided to us will otherwise be kept confidential and will never be sold to any other party. Our systems are secured to prevent the loss of such confidential information.
16.5 By attending our workshop, you are giving your express permission for us to make use of images and video of you for our own promotional purposes. This may include (but is not limited to) social media, website and offline marketing platforms.

17. Safety

17.1 We will make every reasonable effort to ensure the safety of all participants at all times and will highlight any hazards that we assess as posing any risk to you during the workshop.
17.2 You are solely responsible, however, for your own health as well as your personal safety at all times.
17.3 We accept no responsibility for your actions or omissions whilst engaged as a participant on our workshop. This includes (but is not limited to) all financial consequences (such as emergency treatment and care, recovery, loss or damage to equipment and future income) sustained as a result of any incident or injury which occurred during the workshop.

18. Tutor Substitution

18.1 It may be necessary due to personal and/or health issues to substitute a tutor or member of the workshop leadership team.
18.2 Where this is required, the replacement member of our team will have the equivalent experience, knowledge and suitable personality to ensure the workshop continues as planned and meets its original objectives.

19. Complaints Procedure

19.1 In the case of any complaints or feedback, you must notify us of any issues at the earliest opportunity via email.
19.2 In the first instance, we will attempt to resolve your issue within 14 days with an outcome that both parties can find agreement.
19.3 If it is not possible to find a suitable outcome or agreement to your complaint, or if you remain unsatisfied, you must notify us again in writing within 7 days of our communication of such suggested outcome by us.
19.4 At our discretion, we may involve the use of an independent third party to come to a settlement where you remain unsatisfied with our proposal.
19.5 For the avoidance of doubt, where any issue is covered within these terms and conditions, the agreed outcome as described within such term will prevail.

20. Legal Jurisdiction and Acceptance

20.1 These terms and conditions, as well as any implied non-contractual elements, shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Idaho and of the United States of America.
20.2 By making a booking with us, you agree to abide by, and accept, these terms and conditions without exception.