Workshop FAQs


  • All transportation during the workshop
  • Guided Access to Secret Locations
  • Beautiful Art Nude Models to Work With
  • Multiple Photographers
  • TWO Top Instructors to help Advance Your Photography or Modeling
  • Daily Feedback/Image Review Sessions
  • A Binder Packed With Materials – during the Workshop
  • An Experience You’ll Never Forget!

The cost for you to setup a trip like this by yourself would cost upwards of $5,000 – and you still wouldn’t have access to the unique locations, amazing art nude models, photographers and instructors that are fully invested in your success!
While we could charge the retail value for everything we provide, we would prefer that more people – like you – have access this amazing experience. So you won’t pay full price. You won’t even pay half the cost. If you register now (prices go up every year with rising costs) you can get in on this truly epic trip for only $600 (while availability lasts).
Please select our Beginner/Intermediate class if you would like to learn more, and our Advanced class if you are professional and would like to spend less time learning, and more time creating images.
So, if you’re thinking about coming along to one ofthe Genesis modeling & photography workshops and have some more questions? Never fear, we think the answers might just be covered below – and if they’re not, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What, exactly, will I learn?

Honestly, that’s a tough question – as each individual will take something different away from the trip. The aim, by having you shoot with Genesis for the duration of the workshop, is that your skills, technique, understanding and knowledge of how to capture the best of these great locations is grown to the extent where you leave with an impressive portfolio of unique images to take home. We want to help you develop the tools and experience you need to be able to translate what you learn and produce amazing work of your own.
What we can guarantee, however, is that you will learn about light, filters, your own equipment, post-processing, “what not to do” (as well as what exactly to do!) and also have time with other like-minded individuals who want to improve their photography through sharing and debating ideas – and that includes Jason and Miranda, too!

Why should I shoot with Genesis?

We are unique and we’re fun! Our workshops give you the opportunity to shoot with a variety of subjects in amazing places–and can network with your model and photographer classmates for future collaborations.
At Genesis Modeling and Photography, we believe that human bodies are specially created, mysterious and beautiful. People were made to be seen as art and it’s our task to help you in working with us and others to share the wonder of the human form.  Fashions change, but artistic nudity is timeless. With Genesis, you’ll be creating images that you can be proud to display for years to come.
Each workshop is created to serve the makeup of the individuals attending, and is designed to explore the unique angles that some of these locations can offer when steered in the right direction.
As a photographer/model team, Jason and Miranda are accomplished in their skills and want to help you find your passion and hone your talents. Our goal is to make sure you have a trip you’ll fondly remember forever and hopefully want to come back for more!

What equipment should I bring?

As a general rule, photographers should aim to bring:

  • Camera(s): DSLR/mirrorless/compact system/medium format digital camera with manual controls.
  • Lense(s): We recommend that you bring at least one lens from each lens family: Wide angle, Normal and Telephoto. The types of lenses in each category depend on your personal preferences.
  • Support: A sturdy (but collapsable to a small dimension) tripod or monopod and a cable release and/or electronic shutter remote control if possible.
  • Media: Several memory cards – always bring twice as many as you think you’ll need!
  • Recommended: Circular Polarising filters for your selection of lenses
  • Recommended: Neutral Density Graduated Filters (3 stop) and ND Filters (between 3 & 10 stops)
  • Recommended: cleaning kit for removing sensor dust
  • Optional: Spare batteries (there will be no electricity on location)
  • Optional: Laptop computer (we will have ours, but always better to back up your own files and edit on your own gear)

Gear is not as important as one might think. The reality is that we will make sure you get the best out of whatever equipment you bring along. If you have any questions on equipment, just contact us and we’ll try to help.

I have a Nikon/Canon/Samsung/Sony/Hasselblad/etc – is that alright?

The simple answer: YES!
First things first, a camera, regardless of manufacturer, is designed to take pictures in the same way as almost all other cameras out there. Yes, some have advantages in terms of sensor, frame rate, ISO, etc – but in essence, regardless of the make and model of your camera, the same principles apply when it comes to capturing a great image.

What about clothing?

As a general rule, plan on layers and some good supportive shoes or boots.  You’ll want to protect your gear if it happens to rain, so a camera bag that can also withstand light rain is handy. I leave a gallon freezer-type bag in my camera bag to protect my camera body when I want to get that shot out in the rain!

How do you get to the venue?

We provide all transportation to the workshop locations and we will be travelling as a group.  All you have to do is get to the meetup location.

Will you help with travel and visas?

If you’re attending from another country, in most cases you can enter the workshop’s location on a tourist visa basis. We can help with arrangements and give limited advice, but all visa and international travel issues are the responsibility of the attendee so please ensure you will be able to enter the country where the workshop is located before booking.

Do I need insurance?

Each attendee is responsible for arranging their own travel and health insurance where applicable. It’s a good idea for you to carry your own policy in case of cancellation, injury or the generally unexpected situation occurring. It is worth, also, considering equipment insurance – there are many great companies out there who can help – we’ll be out in the wild, so there is a slight risk of equipment damage should something go wrong.

What if the weather is bad?

Generally speaking, we’ll make the best of every situation if and when it might occur. Clouds make the sky more interesting, adding texture and interest. We will never intentionally put you or our crew in harm’s way.

Can I shoot film?

Of course! Film shooters are more than welcome to come along, but we do need people to be aware of the following limitations:

  • If you want to have your film processed, that can be done at the end of the day by a local business specializing in film processing.
  • You will be welcome to participate in photo discussions, but discussion of your own images will have to wait until they are printed.

Will there be any free time?

Absolutely, yes. Depending on the workshop length, there will either daytime breaks and your evenings are your own. After scheduled pairing up times, we’ll give you some additional free time to shoot, enjoy scenery, take a dip in a nearby body of water, etc.

I have a medical condition/limited mobility – can I still come?

In general, as long as you, a doctor, and us, are comfortable that we have the means and capability to support you should something go wrong (and you have insurance cover) there is generally no problem. There are some practical issues – so if you need an oxygen tank to breath normally and require a mobility scooter, a hike through the mountains may not be the best idea – but in general, the workshops are not designed to be a strenuous workout, they’re intended to be as accessible as possible while still visiting some great locations. Please do, however, contact us before booking if you have any concerns.

How fit do I have to be?

Let’s just say “moderately.”  Jason was once a flat-lander and likes to take a slower pace. Miranda works out every day. As long as you are moderately fit, are of sound health, and have no problems with temperature differences and a few up and down climbs, these workshops will be fine for you too.

How does payment work?

Click here to visit our Terms page.

How much time will I have 1:1 with Jason and Miranda?

It will vary, but we will make sure that you get the time and attention you need in every location. This workshop is for you and we desire that every person leaves each location happy. Jason and Miranda will be present for every shoot, as well as “class time” beforehand.  The group will work together and then separate into teams. Jason and Miranda will offer one-to-one time out in the field to offer specific help and reinforce the discussions that were had prior. And at the end of each day, we will have dedicated time to discuss and edit photos and answer questions that come up. Our team is absolutely there for each attendee to make sure they get the most out of it.  This is why we keep the workshop attendance numbers at a reasonable number of participants.  A full schedule will be given to each participant after registration.
*Students are welcome and encouraged to schedule one on one session with Jason and Miranda outside the normal 2 day workshop for additional training.

I’m ready – what’s next?

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Any other questions?

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