Once in a Rare Blue Moon


Rachel was a tag-a-long on a shoot I had with Kylie. So glad she did! We had a great mini-shoot while Kylie was being body painted. I love to see each model’s unique personality come out in a shoot. Sometimes people wonder if I heavily direct my shoots, but I don’t. I want each model to bring her own soul to the shoot. Here’s Rachel:

JasonLeeRachelH015.jpg JasonLeeRachelH025.jpg JasonLeeRachelH039.jpg JasonLeeRachelH047.jpg JasonLeeRachelH035.jpg JasonLeeRachelH050.jpg JasonLeeRachelH074.jpg JasonLeeRachelH064.jpg JasonLeeRachelH062.jpg JasonLeeRachelH085.jpg JasonLeeRachelH059.jpg JasonLeeRachelH076.jpg JasonLeeRachelH080.jpg JasonLeeRachelH082.jpg

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