Why Shoot with Genesis?

Beauty is Light.  

Without light there would be no photography. All a photo contains is shades of darkness and light. A likeness captured in a fleeting moment.

You take a breath in. You breathe it out. Each moment a different expression. Each movement a different frame. Light is essential.

It’s spiritual, too. At creation, the Creator spoke and said, “Let there be light” and it was.

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At Genesis Modeling and Photography, we capture that light.

If you want to get really deep, have you ever wondered why God calls Himself Light? And… what is light after all? It’s energy. And energy is never lost, it just changes into a different form. We’re told in Genesis that every human being on the face of the earth is made in God’s image.

And when God made the first people so long ago, he made them naked and unashamed, didn’t He? Truly, human bodies are the original works of art.  

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Why Nude?

Have you ever considered why we were born naked? Why we walk upright in full view of each other? Why we are mostly hairless except for decoration? I believe it’s because we’re meant to be seen, rather than covered up. We’re meant to be vulnerable. We’re meant to love and be loved. We’re meant to be Bearers of Light.

Once a model asked me after a shoot, “Why do you focus your work on Nudes?” Without really thinking about, the first thing that came to my mind was this: Because nudity is pure.

Light in images is very important to me: how it fills, how it bounces, how it shades, how it illuminates.  I take inspiration from the ancient painters of light when I create art. When I work with model to craft a new art piece, I do my best to remember that what I’m creating displays that “light within.” As the image of God is reflected in our humanity and within our souls, when we craft with light, we are capturing just a little bit of the reflection of His Glory. 

Stories Without Words

On my website, you’ll find lots of nudity, but you won’t find any pornography. Ever photo tells its own story. Great care is given to respect the humanity of every model.  That’s why I hope you will spend time reflecting on each image and letting it tell you its story.  Browse around and allow the conversation of each image to build… and allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of God’s Creation. If you’d like to share a conversation with words, feel free to contact me.

If you’re considering modeling, check out the FAQ for Models to get ready for your shoot!

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Let’s chat soon! – Jason