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Empowering. Freedom. Nothing Held Back. It’s time to go for it.

nude body paint in nature

Sometimes in our lives, we have unique moments of destiny when we cross paths with people and we need to join up. If you’re viewing this page, that someone is you! There is something very special about how you found this website. Don’t pass up this moment. It’s time to book a shoot.

Maybe you have experience. Maybe you don’t. Doesn’t matter to me. My work is about empowerment and promoting the goodness and beauty of the human body. Yes, I shoot artistic nudes. No, it’s not weird. It’s not porn. It’s about beauty and art – and without a doubt, I believe you have what it takes.

It’s my goal for you to experience a safe space of expression and freedom
and in that container – find beauty, joy and fun!

Spirit of Freedom (c) by Jason Lee. Model: Willow

To answer a couple of other frequent questions, I’m happily married, my wife is fully onboard with my work, and I have been photographing artistic nudes for 17 years. I’m sure you have other questions. Social media is a crazy space, but I’m a transparent person and happy answer any questions you have, or even meetup for coffee if you like before our shoot.

But back to the important stuff: I see a spark in you that I want to capture. I want to collaborate with you to make great art in an amazing location. If you have hesitations, I get that. Let’s chat about it. Tell me what you are thinking. I have worked with dozens of first-timers, as well as pros.

Many of my first-timers have gone on to build off of their successes with me and accomplish wonderful feats in their lives. For some, shooting nude is a bucket list, or a personal dare. For others, it’s an act of self-expression.

I’ve seen our work heal traumas, repair body shame, inspire confidence and become a platform for success. I want you to take a leap of faith and that’s why I’m asking you to shoot with me.

Please tell me a little more about yourself, so we can setup our shoot. And feel free to ask me any questions you like. This is a fully legitimate offer and I can’t wait to create something magical together.