Dreaming Out Loud


Braving the chill of the Great Boise Snopocalypse, we ventured into a winter wonderland to capture some truly magical moments. Despite the frozen streets and slippery conditions, our determination and sense of adventure prevailed as we made photographic history in the snow-covered parkland.

Amidst the frosty landscape, we crafted stunning shots that radiated E B’s unique energy and style. And as if on cue, God treated us to a glimpse of the beauty of the winter wonderland with the appearance of a majestic deer.

It was 15 degrees! Most people were staying indoors, but E B and I thought it was a fine time to navigate Snopocalypse through the frozen solid streets to a beautiful parkland. Mix in one part adventure, two parts motivation and we knocked out some stunning shots in the snow!

Jason Lee

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Let it Go and Come to Life


In a serene collaboration, model Miranda and photographer Jason Lee invite you to wander along a snowy lane in a nearby national forest. Embrace the tranquility of the surroundings as you listen to the hushed whispers of the trees and the gentle rush of the nearby river. Through Jason’s lens, Miranda’s presence amidst the winter landscape embodies a sense of serenity and connection to nature. Join them on this enchanting journey where the beauty of the outdoors meets the grace of the human form.

Do you hear the river rushing by?

Jason Lee

Watch Them Fly


Jason Lee unveils his captivating “Wild” Body Paint Series with model Alexandria, transformed into a stunning “Deer in Winter.” With artistic mastery, Jason uses body paint to evoke the essence of a majestic deer amidst a wintry landscape. Assisted by Collin, Jason expertly captures the ethereal beauty of Alexandria’s portrayal, seamlessly blending her form with the natural elements. The collaboration between model, artist, and photographer results in a mesmerizing visual narrative that celebrates the harmony between humanity and the wild.

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Here are some bonus behind the scenes shots: