Beauty is Light

Research suggests that human beings are born into the world without clothing. Full stop. Yet, oftentimes, people are compelled to think that strategically-placed pieces of fabric exude some kind of moral protection.

Remember those stories of Adam and Eve in children’s books where the man and woman were always strategically hidden behind shrubbery? Guess what, though? Did you know that that isn’t what the real story says? It says: “And they were naked and they were without shame.” 

There is an unparalleled high of feeling at home in your own skin. Being naked, especially in nature, feeds you all the way down to your soul. When you breathe in and let yourself “be…” just you, the power of the moment will sneak up on you. There is strength in vulnerability. Embracing our uninhibited selves allows us to really make our dreams a reality.

Genesis Modeling and Photography is a Boise, Idaho-based Modeling and Photography production and training experience built on the idea of truly shameless body-positive photography. Whether you are a client who needs portraiture, boudoir or a new photographer or model, you’ve come to the right place.

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