Our Instructors

Want to shoot in a place like this?

We teach personalized small group, hands-on photographic and modeling workshops in a range of stunning locations around the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain Region. From the rugged mountains, rivers and vistas of Idaho to the majestic Oregon coastline; these exclusive travel tours offer a variety of hands-on training from half-days to full long weekend expeditions with experience and fitness levels to suit your needs. Meticulously planned, these workshops provide you with a truly unique experience as well as hands-on assistance from an expert photographer and model.

You’ll be actively supported through the entire process of shooting on-location, from initial planning to post-production techniques, building on your existing knowledge while learning new skills at the same time.

The team personally selects great locations in order to offer you the best possible opportunity to bring home captures and skills that demonstrate the very best knowledge, technique and passion you’ve gained.

Unlike other workshops, Genesis brings together models AND photographers to work as teams. This unique mix and match experience allows photographers and models the opportunity to work enthusiastic partners of differing levels of experience.

Jason Lee picked up his first film camera around the age of 9 for a school project and began a lifetime of discovery. He’s been creating stunning visual art ever since. Jason has upgraded his gear since then, and his award-winning photos have been featured in magazines and websites around the world and are displayed in people’s homes. He’s most excited about sharing the experience of photography… meeting, training, and working with up-and-coming models and photographers is his passion.

Jason teaches classes for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals and focuses on shooting with natural light in the outdoors. He specializes in artistic nude portraiture in contrasted settings; mixing the human form with nature. Since every human being on the face of the earth is made in God’s image, Jason likes to focus on crafting work that displays that “light within,” reflecting our humanity.

With a working actress and a Casting Agency owner for a mother, Miranda Jeanne started her acting career at the young age of seven. Throughout the years, Miranda has been featured in many projects working with several well-known directors in the northern California area from commercials to short films, feature films to television and video productions. She has also featured on many runway shows and print projects in the treasure valley and numerous locations over California. Entering into high school, Miranda became enamored with the performing art of dance. With over ten years of on camera training and experience as well as a several years of dance, Miranda became a natural in print work. She has been blessed to have worked with numerous photographers on projects ranging from dance and fitness to fashion and glamour, as well as artistic nude and body paint.

Her passion for acting and modeling landed her an instruction position with Barbizon Acting and Modeling school, where she got the taste of offering her experience and skills to the modeling enthusiasts of the treasure valley. Her bachelors in Communication and minor in Dance allows her many opportunities to teach and help other in her professional life as well as her personal.

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