Til I Read Your Lips


After months of occasional online correspondence, Dineka and Jason Lee finally align schedules for an unforgettable shoot. Despite living hours apart, Dineka’s impromptu New Year’s Eve visit to Boise provides the perfect opportunity to capture stunning images amidst the snow-covered landscape. Their collaboration amid the winter wonderland yields truly epic results, immortalizing the magic of the moment through Jason’s lens.

We got to shoot in the snow! Can you say epic? Check out this behind-the-scene snow cartwheel below! Dineka is a brave, fun and gutsy lady!

Jason Lee

Life Begins at the Intersection

MODEL / Meagan

In the serene surroundings of the Boise National Forest, Jason Lee captures the essence of Meagan’s first-time nude shoot. Meagan reflects on the experience, describing it as simultaneously freeing and terrifying, yet ultimately empowering. She challenges societal norms around body shame and the sexualization of nudity, advocating for self-acceptance and the celebration of individual beauty. Through her words, Meagan encourages others to embrace their uniqueness and allow their true selves to be seen, echoing the sentiment that everyone deserves to feel liberated and appreciated in their own skin.

Meagan and I actually chatted for a few years before this shoot took place. We were finally able to get our schedules aligned and I took her to a little place I like to call Burnt Creek. It had been ravaged by a forest fire at least a decade ago, but life is slowly returning to the area. This was Meagan’s first shoot and it turned out really special. You can’t fake the joy that fills a person’s spirit when they connect with beauty and being seen as a whole person, just as created.


“Participating in a nude shoot is one of the most freeing, yet terrifying experiences… but only because it’s doing something you’ve NEVER done. Being comfortable in front of a camera with clothes can be challenging, so a nude shoot really opens your mind to many possibilities. The human body is beautiful and is only sexualized because we body shame and hide ourselves away, constantly. I am grateful for clothes during the right circumstances, (like weather conditions or formal gatherings) however, I strongly believe hiding ourselves so much and all the time, has in truth also enabled us to hide away… not only our unique bodies, but also our minds. Allow Beauty TO BE SEEN. EVERYONE IS UNIQUE!”


Leave the Past Behind

MODEL / Anonymous


In a captivating fusion of body paint and abandoned spaces, Jason Lee captures the essence of anonymous beauty. Against the backdrop of forgotten landscapes, the human form becomes a canvas, adorned with vibrant hues that contrast with the desolation surrounding it. The result? A breathtaking visual narrative that leaves viewers in awe of the stunning juxtaposition between the ethereal and the forgotten.

I’m floored for two reasons. 1. I got to shoot with this amazing human. 2. This space we were shooting in was torn down and is no more.

Jason Lee

Breathing In

MODEL / Taylor

In a memorable milestone, model Taylor and photographer Jason Lee embark on Jason’s very first artistic nude shoot, marking the beginning of a journey filled with great memories and countless stories. Taylor’s enthusiasm and curiosity light up the shoot, infusing it with a sense of excitement and joy. Though the full story may be reserved for a future book, the experience is one to be cherished and remembered fondly. Through their collaboration, Jason and Taylor capture moments of beauty and vulnerability, celebrating the human form in its purest and most artistic expression.

This was my first artistic nude shoot. Great memories for so many reasons. One day I’ll share the full story in a book, but for now, ask me in person and I’ll share the tale.

Jason Lee

The Future’s Here


In Jason Lee’s photography session with Monica Blue, the absence of clothing transforms into an opportunity for creativity and self-expression. Monica embraces the notion that without the barrier of clothing, the body itself becomes a canvas for artistic adornment. With a playful spirit, they explore how accessories can enhance the natural beauty of the human form, turning the shoot into a whimsical and liberating experience. Through Monica’s confident and carefree attitude, Jason captures a series of images that celebrate the joy of embracing one’s true self and finding freedom in self-expression.

Monica is so fun! She had me rolling with her antics and what a beautiful athletic form!

Jason Lee

Bring Me the Music


Jason Lee embarks on a transformative journey with Magon, who initially opts for a partially-clothed photoshoot to ease into artistic nudity. Despite her initial reluctance towards nature, Magon’s sense of exploration blossoms as they delve deeper into the forest. At journey’s end, she sheds her clothing and dances with a sheer fabric, embracing newfound truths and expressing a desire for future unclothed shoots. Their collaborative experience unfolds as a powerful narrative of self-discovery and liberation amidst the serene beauty of the forest.

It’s such an honor to be part of a transformative journey!

Jason Lee