Life Begins at the Intersection

MODEL / Meagan

In the serene surroundings of the Boise National Forest, Jason Lee captures the essence of Meagan’s first-time nude shoot. Meagan reflects on the experience, describing it as simultaneously freeing and terrifying, yet ultimately empowering. She challenges societal norms around body shame and the sexualization of nudity, advocating for self-acceptance and the celebration of individual beauty. Through her words, Meagan encourages others to embrace their uniqueness and allow their true selves to be seen, echoing the sentiment that everyone deserves to feel liberated and appreciated in their own skin.

Meagan and I actually chatted for a few years before this shoot took place. We were finally able to get our schedules aligned and I took her to a little place I like to call Burnt Creek. It had been ravaged by a forest fire at least a decade ago, but life is slowly returning to the area. This was Meagan’s first shoot and it turned out really special. You can’t fake the joy that fills a person’s spirit when they connect with beauty and being seen as a whole person, just as created.


“Participating in a nude shoot is one of the most freeing, yet terrifying experiences… but only because it’s doing something you’ve NEVER done. Being comfortable in front of a camera with clothes can be challenging, so a nude shoot really opens your mind to many possibilities. The human body is beautiful and is only sexualized because we body shame and hide ourselves away, constantly. I am grateful for clothes during the right circumstances, (like weather conditions or formal gatherings) however, I strongly believe hiding ourselves so much and all the time, has in truth also enabled us to hide away… not only our unique bodies, but also our minds. Allow Beauty TO BE SEEN. EVERYONE IS UNIQUE!”


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