nude female near orange buoys

Out Until Dawn


Jason Lee reflected on his photoshoot with Adrianna, noting the enjoyment of hearing the paths that led to their collaboration. Adrianna aimed to complete 30 photoshoots for her 30th birthday, with Jason being the final photographer. They utilized found buoys by a river, enhancing the shoot with a touch of autumn charm.

It’s always fun to meet and shoot with a new model. I love to hear the stories that brought us together to create art — to hear how our journeys collide and enhance each other’s lives. Adrianna had a plan to do 30 shoots for her 30th birthday and as the penultimate shoot, I got to be the 30th! We shot near a river where some buoys were left sitting around by somebody. I love incorporating “found objects” in a shoot and, with the late fall weather, these bright orange balls were just right!

Jason Lee

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