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Time Was Never


Brittney, a young wife, mom, and Instagram influencer, teamed up with Jason Lee for a photo shoot at a riverside museum. Celebrating her “tiger stripes” and bonding over automobile restoration and family, the session captured her humor and unique beauty amidst the park’s scenery. Enjoy the vibrant photos!

Brittney’s sense of humor is contagious and you have to love her freckles! We decided to meetup and shoot near an old dam that’s become a museum on the river. Spending the cool morning sharing our mutual love of automobile restoration and talking about kids and family, we worked our way around the structure and park around it on both sides of the river. Enjoy these fun shots!

Jason Lee

9 thoughts on “Time Was Never

  1. Hey Mate – great work. Also, I wanted to ask if anyone else is having trouble loading some of the model pages. Specifically the newer shoots. All I get is the main hero image and then it just spins out without loading any additional photos. Could be on my end but I’ve tried other browsers, clearing cache several times…etc.

    Thanks for the photos! They’re great.

    1. Hi Scott, thanks for the comment! I have checked the newest posts in Chrome, Edge and Android and they all load immediately. I do apologize, but I am not sure what may be the trouble. Have you tried an incognito tab?

      1. Same issue, everything just spins on the spot, nothing finishes loading, tested on all browsers and phone, also in private tab, same issue

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