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MODEL / Angelle

Jason Lee reminisces about his first shoot with model Angelle, a memorable encounter orchestrated by a serendipitous connection. Originally planned as a collaborative effort between two models, the shoot unfolded with unexpected chemistry as Angelle and the other model met for the first time. Despite their initial unfamiliarity, the shared experience of vulnerability and appreciation for the human form forged an instant bond, transforming strangers into fast friends. Through their collaboration, Jason captures not just images but also the essence of newfound camaraderie born from mutual openness and respect for the nude form.

Here’s one from the way back machine and was a funny story! There was another model who lived five hours away and she had decided to drive in to shoot with me. She reached out independently to Angelle, who was local, to see if she wanted to come with us and shoot together, and then told me about the plan. I assumed that the two ladies knew each other, but it turns out, they met for the first time that day on our shoot! We bonded immediately and were old friends by the time we walked back to the car. There’s something beautiful about choosing vulnerability and embracing the goodness of the nude body that turns acquaintances into instant friendships.

Jason Lee

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