Where’s My Soul?

MODEL / Janna G

Enduring a chilly and windswept morning, Janna G and Jason Lee embarked on an adventure to North America’s largest sand dune. Despite the harsh conditions, Janna’s resilience shone through as she delivered a deeply moving performance, channeling the raw emotions stirred by the rugged environment. Her heartfelt response to the shoot— “They turned out AMAZING!”— speaks volumes about the success of their collaboration. Through Jason’s lens, the beauty of Janna’s strength and the raw power of nature were immortalized, creating a series of photographs that captured the essence of their unforgettable adventure.

More than Failed Attempts to Fly


In the midst of nature’s elements, Autumn stood tall, facing the deep, rushing river and the swirling wind with a seasoned composure. Accompanied by a friend during their hike to the riverside shoot location, Autumn initially kept to herself. However, as she disrobed and immersed herself in the surroundings, a transformation took place. Slowly but surely, Autumn embraced the essence of the shoot, reveling in the sensation of the wind caressing her skin and the rush of water against her legs. Through Jason Lee’s lens, her journey from reservation to immersion was captured, a testament to the beauty of embracing the natural world and one’s own vulnerability.

I love the intensity Autumn shared with us, as viewers. She didn’t say much with words, but she spoke strongly and powerfully with her whole self.

Jason Lee