More than Failed Attempts to Fly


The river was deep and rushing and the wind was blowing, but Autumn faced it like a pro.

JasonLeeAutumnOakes001.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes002.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes003.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes004.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes005.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes006.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes007.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes008.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes009.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes010.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes011.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes012.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes013.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes014.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes015.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes016.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes017.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes018.jpg JasonLeeAutumnOakes019.jpg

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