black and white art nude Idaho

Sing It Louder


Kim and Jason Lee of Genesis Photography embarked on a hiking and modeling shoot in Idaho, exploring the natural splendor of an alpine lake, framed by ancient trees, formed by a long-erupted volcano. They found inspiration amidst the waterfalls, marveling at the magnificence of nature and emphasizing the beauty of existing within it.

Idaho has such natural wonders! It is such a pleasure to get out for a hike and model shoot on a beautiful alpine lake! Kim and I hiked down to this beautiful area, formed long ago from the breaking of a volcano’s cone and now filled with crystal blue water and ancient trees. The natural setting and waterfalls inspire one to be free and whole in one’s skin – breathing in the air of God’s creation and experiencing the sun on your back – what a wonderful world we inhabit.

Jason Lee

artistic nude photo by Jason Lee

Your Love is a Melody

MODEL / Breane

To photographer Jason Lee, Breane’s ethereal presence amidst the lush ivy instantly evokes imagery of a modern-day Eve in the Garden of Eden. Her natural beauty and grace exude an otherworldly allure, reminiscent of the innocence and purity associated with the biblical figure. Against this verdant backdrop, Breane becomes a symbol of timeless beauty and primal connection to nature, captured with reverence and admiration through Lee’s lens. Their collaboration transcends mere photography, unfolding as a poetic exploration of humanity’s eternal quest for identity and belonging in the natural world.

We should all be so free as Breana. Humanity would be better off if it chose to think the thoughts of Eden.

Jason Lee