Ghost of a Note We Skipped

MODEL / Naddy and AJ

Exploring a ghost town in the vastness of the western landscape, Naddy and AJ join photographer Jason Lee for a memorable shoot. Naddy, reconnecting after two years, brings along AJ for a day of adventure captured amidst the Idaho desert. Their collaboration yields captivating images, a testament to spontaneity and friendship in photography.

One of the great things about living out west is finding the occasional ghost town. This one was great fun to explore with Naddy and AJ. We also serendipitously found some abandoned old milk trucks that rested at the bottom of a cliff! I met Naddy several years before this shoot and gave her a business card. About two years later, she reached out on Instagram and asked if I still wanted to shoot with her and would it be ok if she brought a friend? Let’s do it! And we did. These are some excerpts from that great day of shooting in the Idaho desert.

Jason Lee

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