And Today is All You’ll Ever Have


Two things:

  1. Megan is probably one of the most amusing and entertaining models I have ever worked with on a shoot.
  2. You never know how long a beautiful nature area will last. There’s a hospital now where we did this shoot. 

Do you have a location where we should shoot before it goes away forever?

JasonLeeMeganD005.jpg JasonLeeMeganD006.jpg JasonLeeMeganD008.jpg JasonLeeMeganD009.jpg JasonLeeMeganD010.jpg JasonLeeMeganD011.jpg JasonLeeMeganD012.jpg JasonLeeMeganD013.jpg JasonLeeMeganD014.jpg JasonLeeMeganD015.jpg JasonLeeMeganD016.jpg JasonLeeMeganD017.jpg JasonLeeMeganD018.jpg JasonLeeMeganD019.jpg JasonLeeMeganD020.jpg JasonLeeMeganD021.jpg JasonLeeMeganD022.jpg

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