I’ll Sing for Free

MODEL / SamanthaJ

In a testament to dedication, model SamanthaJ embarks on a journey, driving half a day to meet photographer Jason Lee. Together, they venture to a magical parkland, enduring another hour’s drive for the perfect setting. Samantha’s commitment shines through as she embodies the fierce and noble spirit of a tigress in their shoot. Jason captures Samantha’s intense outlook with admiration, showcasing her determination and passion in each frame. Through their collaboration, they create a visual narrative that captivates and inspires, highlighting Samantha’s strength and grace as she takes center stage.

Samantha is an overcomer, no doubt. Not only has she raised her younger siblings on her own, she’s also conquered major medical issue. Sam decided she needed to do something fun and artistic as an outlet. We decided all the hard work was worth it.

Jason Lee

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