All Around Me


Jason Lee reflects on his inaugural shoot with model Lacy, a remarkable rendezvous sparked by a fortuitous connection. Originally conceived as a joint venture between two models, the session unfolded with unexpected synergy as Lacy and Angelle met for the first time. Despite their initial unfamiliarity, their shared vulnerability and reverence for the human form fostered an immediate kinship, swiftly transcending the bounds of strangership. Through their collaboration, Jason not only captures stunning visuals but also encapsulates the essence of newfound camaraderie rooted in mutual openness and admiration for the nude form. Lacy’s commitment, driving five hours for the shoot, is a testament to her beauty—both inside and out.

Lacy honored me by driving 5 hours one way just to shoot with me. She’s a beautiful person and I’m so glad to have been able to facilitate our session.

Jason Lee

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