artistic nude photo by Jason Lee

Running Through Me


Jason Lee, renowned for his love of capturing the fluid beauty of water, documents Gabby’s inaugural shoot—a momentous occasion where she boldly embraces her nudity amidst the aquatic splendor. Despite initial apprehension and teasing from friends, Gabby fearlessly immerses herself in the experience, recognizing her nakedness as a vital aspect of her persona. Through this transformative journey, she not only discovers a newfound courage but also cultivates a deep sense of self-acceptance and empowerment. With each splash, Gabby’s resilience shines, embodying the harmonious convergence of water’s captivating essence and her blossoming confidence.

Water is essential to our lives… and I love shooting in it! The way it moves, reflects, balances, enhances… I just love it! Gabby was absolutely spectacular. I’m so thrilled that she pressed through adversity to make this moment hers.

Jason Lee

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