In the Colors of Your Goodness

MODEL / Dani

In the harsh light of a canyon with sparse foliage, Jason Lee and Dani adapted creatively to their surroundings during their artistic nude shoot. With the sun beating down, they sought refuge in the shade provided by rocks and the occasional scraggly bush or tree. Despite the challenging conditions, they embraced the opportunity to innovate, using the natural elements to their advantage. Against this rugged backdrop, they found moments of beauty and serenity, capturing Dani’s form amidst the contrasting play of light and shadow. Through Jason’s lens, their resourcefulness and adaptability were immortalized, transforming the limitations of their environment into opportunities for creative exploration and expression.

We Are Fire

MODEL / Hannah G

In the heart of a wintery canyon, Hannah G and Jason Lee embark on a daring photoshoot amidst freezing temperatures. Undeterred by the cold, Hannah fearlessly climbs rocks, embracing the adventure. After witnessing the stunning results, she expresses awe and gratitude, especially for conquering her fear and discovering newfound confidence. Enamored by the harmonious blend of shapes and nature, she embraces nudism with a fresh perspective, cherishing the art of creation and sharing it with others.

The backdrop: A fascinatingly unique water-and-wind-carved canyon that can only be accessed in the wintertime. Even though it was 22 degrees Fahrenheit, Hannah braved the weather, climbing rocks and bracing through the cold as we worked quickly through the area.

Jason Lee

Here are Hannah’s thoughts, after seeing the results:

“Sooo those pictures turned out absolutely amazing!!! I think a couple of my favorites would be of me on that rock that I was terrified of climbing! They look so good. Thank you for giving me the confidence to do it! I can’t get over how amazing they are! I love how the shapes just flow so well and there are a couple of other ones where I blend in with the rocks and it’s beautiful. I love sharing this art with people and creating it with people like you. I honestly never thought of nudism the way I do now and I’m so happy to be a part of the movement!”

Hannah G