Let the Sunshine In


Jason Lee speaks fondly of Danya’s vibrant energy and charming personality, reminiscing about their successful first photoshoot amidst a sunflower patch and a cornfield. Despite the thematic setting, Jason playfully notes that the outcome of the shoot was anything but corny. Danya’s infectious energy and natural charm brought a sense of authenticity and joy to the images, capturing the essence of their collaboration in a lighthearted and whimsical manner. Through Jason’s lens, Danya’s radiant spirit shines brightly, creating a visual story that celebrates her unique personality and the beauty of their creative partnership.

What can I say about Danya? She has such energy and a wonderful personality! This was a selection from our first shoot together out in a sunflower patch and a corn field. I don’t think it turned out… corny. Do you?

Jason Lee

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