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In a serendipitous encounter at a historic inn, Jason Lee and Courtney embark on an evening of exploration and creativity. Despite living on opposite coasts, providence brings them together, intertwining their paths in a captivating collaboration. Against the backdrop of the inn’s vintage charm, Courtney’s adventurous spirit and Jason’s keen eye for detail converge to unearth hidden beauty amidst the mundane. With echoes of a bygone era, they delve into the mystique of the 1940s, weaving tales of detective noir and speakeasies amidst the wooden linen closets and secret spaces of the resort. Through his lens, Jason Lee captures Courtney’s beauty amongst the essence of a time long past, breathing new life into its timeless allure.

Courtney was so amazing, climbing in and out of spaces (including an exposed natural cavern, a linen closet and going outside in the freezing cold weather!) It was an awe-inspiring adventure, finding beauty in odd places. She fit right into the mystique of the era, as we thought of detective noir novels, speakeasys and robber barons.

Jason Lee

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