The Way that I Say


In a magical fusion of Snow White’s beauty and the whimsy of a fairy’s world, model Bree captivates in a fairytale-inspired boudoir shoot expertly captured by photographer Jason Lee. With her porcelain skin, long black hair, and ruby red lips, Bree embodies the iconic image of Snow White, while seamlessly embracing the role of a fairy happily enjoying her enchanted day. Amidst ethereal backdrops and delicate props, Jason’s lens immortalizes Bree’s enchanting presence, evoking the innocence and allure of a fairytale princess. Each image narrates a story of wonder and romance, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of beautiful whimsy.

Here are a few highlights. I think this turned out amazing. Hit me up with your ideas and let’s collab!

Jason Lee

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