Cause We Know Life is Short


In a spontaneous turn of events, Megan, who had accompanied her friend Ellie on a shoot with Photographer Jason Lee, embarked on a memorable shoot together. Amidst the natural beauty of the outdoors, they embraced nudity with a sense of freedom and connection to nature. Despite the smoky skies from nearby forest fires, the resulting images exuded a captivating moodiness, adding depth to their experience and creating stunning visual compositions.

Sometimes a model’s friend will decide to tag along on a shoot. This was one of those occasions and, as often happens, both girls end up in front of the camera! Ellie and Megan and I had such fun on this shoot. It’s just great to experience nudity in nature, just as God intended.

Jason Lee

Underneath My Heart

MODEL / StephX

Joining a shoot with a friend, Stephanie, or StephX as she’s known, effortlessly inserts herself into the action. With a country girl vibe and a demeanor that exudes confidence without pretension, she brings her authentic self to the scene. In front of Jason Lee’s lens, StephX’s natural charm and ease create an atmosphere of genuine connection and laid-back authenticity, capturing the essence of her unassuming yet magnetic presence.