I’ve Been Keeping My Mind Wide Open


Megan is someone I could photograph for years…

JasonLeeMeganDo2034.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2035.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2036.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2038.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2041.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2043.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2044.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2045.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2048.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2050.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2051.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2053.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2046.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2054.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2052.jpg JasonLeeMeganDo2055.jpg


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