And the Rising Sun

MODEL / Katya

A boudoir session with Katya. Let me know when you want to schedule yours!

JasonLeeKatya002.jpg JasonLeeKatya004.jpg JasonLeeKatya005.jpg JasonLeeKatya007.jpg JasonLeeKatya008.jpg JasonLeeKatya010.jpg JasonLeeKatya013.jpg JasonLeeKatya016.jpg JasonLeeKatya017.jpg JasonLeeKatya020.jpg JasonLeeKatya025.jpg JasonLeeKatya027.jpg JasonLeeKatya029.jpg JasonLeeKatya031.jpg JasonLeeKatya035.jpg JasonLeeKatya038.jpg JasonLeeKatya040.jpg JasonLeeKatya042.jpg JasonLeeKatya044.jpg JasonLeeKatya045.jpg

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