Learning to Breathe


What a marvelous shoot! Katerina has been around the world performing since childhood as a an acrobat and has been featured as a dancer all over the US. We had a terrific time shooting and produced some timeless images.

JasonLeeKaterinaKat001.jpg JasonLeeKaterinaKat003.jpg JasonLeeKaterinaKat004.jpg JasonLeeKaterinaKat005.jpg JasonLeeKaterinaKat006.jpg JasonLeeKaterinaKat007.jpg JasonLeeKaterinaKat021.jpg JasonLeeKaterinaKat023.jpg JasonLeeKaterinaKat024.jpg JasonLeeKaterinaKat029.jpg JasonLeeKaterinaKat032.jpg

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