For the Kingdom Come

MODEL / Leia

Leia had never climbed a tree before in her life. Turned out she’s a natural and, of course, a natural beauty!

JasonLeeLeia024.jpg JasonLeeLeia031.jpg JasonLeeLeia035.jpg JasonLeeLeia034.jpg JasonLeeLeia036.jpg JasonLeeLeia033.jpg

Though It May Cost My Soul

MODEL / Angel

I’d always wanted to shoot at this abandoned industrial complex. Happily, Angel agreed and we thought a wild bodypaint would be just the thing to go with all of that fluorescent tagging.

JasonLeeAngel001.jpg JasonLeeAngel002.jpg JasonLeeAngel007.jpg JasonLeeAngel010.jpg JasonLeeAngel008.jpg JasonLeeAngel014.jpg JasonLeeAngel017.jpg JasonLeeAngel018.jpg JasonLeeAngel032.jpg JasonLeeAngel033.jpg JasonLeeAngel034.jpg JasonLeeAngel043.jpg JasonLeeAngel042.jpg JasonLeeAngel044.jpg

Once in a Rare Blue Moon


Rachel was a tag-a-long on a shoot I had with Kylie. So glad she did! We had a great mini-shoot while Kylie was being body painted. I love to see each model’s unique personality come out in a shoot. Sometimes people wonder if I heavily direct my shoots, but I don’t. I want each model to bring her own soul to the shoot. Here’s Rachel:

JasonLeeRachelH015.jpg JasonLeeRachelH025.jpg JasonLeeRachelH039.jpg JasonLeeRachelH047.jpg JasonLeeRachelH035.jpg JasonLeeRachelH050.jpg JasonLeeRachelH074.jpg JasonLeeRachelH064.jpg JasonLeeRachelH062.jpg JasonLeeRachelH085.jpg JasonLeeRachelH059.jpg JasonLeeRachelH076.jpg JasonLeeRachelH080.jpg JasonLeeRachelH082.jpg